Neoplatonism in Islamic thought – Filip HOLM | Let’s Talk Religion

It's time to talk about a few ways that Neoplatonic ideas have shown up in the history of Islamic thought. This video is part of an amazing collaboration with ESOTERICA, Seekers of Unity, Angela's Symposium, The Modern Hermeticist and John Vervaeke. You can find their videos on Neoplatonism below: ESOTERICA: of Unity:'s… Continue lendo Neoplatonism in Islamic thought – Filip HOLM | Let’s Talk Religion


“Hurqalya” – Harold BLOOM

The greatest Sufi authority on the Resurrection Body was Shaikh Ahmad Ahsa’i, who died in 1826, and who developed fundamental ideas of Avicenna, the great Persian philosopher of Islam in the eleventh century. Avicenna, in his “visionary recitals,” argued for what he called “the oriental philosophy,” a Hermetic angelology that posited a middle reality between… Continue lendo “Hurqalya” – Harold BLOOM