FALL FROM PARADISE: Story of a Sleepless Man Adrift in the Dark Night of the Soul

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gulQ7MIocU A short illustrated story about the trials and tribulations of a sleepless man fallen from Paradise and into the burden of time. No monetizing or commercial purposes whatsoever. A Le Dilettante / Portal E.M. Cioran Brasil production. For educational purposes only. "I haven't written with my blood, I've written with all the tears I… Continue lendo FALL FROM PARADISE: Story of a Sleepless Man Adrift in the Dark Night of the Soul


Alec Rodriguez: insônia e criação musical

Alec Rodriguez é um jovem talentoso de 19 anos para quem o calvário da insônia serve de matéria-prima para a criação musical. Leitor de Cioran, em quem encontrou compreensão e certo consolo, Alec dedica ao filósofo romeno algumas de suas composições. Minhas favoritas: "Insomniac French Horn Concerto", "The Insomniac Intellectual", "Providential Bicycle", "Dracula". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhUWAcNjMr4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX0b2ceDBe8… Continue lendo Alec Rodriguez: insônia e criação musical

“El anhelo del olvido” (Rosa-María Martínez Bergua)

Reseña: Cioran, Emile M. En las cimas de la desesperación. Crisis - Revista de critica cultural, no. 5, septiembre, 2014, Zaragoza, España, p. 109-10. [PDF] Donde habite el olvido En los vastos jardines sin aurora; Donde yo sólo sea Memoria de una piedra sepultada entre ortigas Sobre la cual el viento escapa a sus insomnios. Luis… Continue lendo “El anhelo del olvido” (Rosa-María Martínez Bergua)

“Insomnolent Anathemas – E.M. Cioran’s Unbelieving Gift to Theology” (Philip G. Ziegler)

Theology Today, 75(3), 391-398 Abstract: Over several decades during the second half of the last century, the Romanian-born Parisian intellectual, E.M. Cioran penned a series of uneasy works whose despondent obsession with God is matched only by their utter disavowal of the reality of the divine. Wrestling pessimistically with nihilism in world forged by chronic insomnia,… Continue lendo “Insomnolent Anathemas – E.M. Cioran’s Unbelieving Gift to Theology” (Philip G. Ziegler)

“El descanso eterno del filósofo insomne” (Rubén Amón)

LA NACIÓN, 29 de marzo 2018 El filósofo francés murió el miércoles en París a los 78 años. Melómano e insomne, negó la existencia del yo y el individuo Clément Rosset padeció la enfermedad del sueño. Seis años y 2.000 noches de insomnio que percutieron en su salud hasta torturarlo. Y en su moral, como… Continue lendo “El descanso eterno del filósofo insomne” (Rubén Amón)

“The Philosophy of Insomnia” – Willis G. REGIER

The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 10, 2011. Hegel wrote in his Elements of the Philosophy of Right that the owl of Minerva flies only at night. It hoots at insomniacs. I know. I'm one. Bruises, red eyes, and research remind me that insomnia breaks down body and soul. Noisy neighbors, crying kids, overwork, bad food, sickness, pain,… Continue lendo “The Philosophy of Insomnia” – Willis G. REGIER

“El insomnio de Cioran” (Willis G. Regier)

“Cioran’s Insomnia”, MLN, Volume 119, Number 5, December 2004 (Comparative Literature Issue), Johns Hopkins University. Versión de Rodrigo García Bonilla. Descargables [ensayo], 4, en Fundación. Revista en Línea, núm. 6, abril - mayo 2013. Insomne de carrera, Cioran hizo del insomnio un laboratorio —lugar poco cómodo para trabajar a gusto. En 1970 le confesó a… Continue lendo “El insomnio de Cioran” (Willis G. Regier)

“Consciousness… the dagger in the flesh. An essay on Cioran” – Awet Moges

HYPERBOREANS, December 14, 2010 After 7 years, I was burned out by philosophy, yet I continued to haunt the philosophy section in search for anything radical and profound. Amidst the expected titles commonly found at any bookstore, sat A Short History of Decay. I pulled it off the shelf in the faint hopes of killing… Continue lendo “Consciousness… the dagger in the flesh. An essay on Cioran” – Awet Moges

Memorial: E. M. Cioran, 84, Novelist And Philosopher of Despair – Eric PACE

The New York Times, June 22, 1995 E. M. Cioran, a Romanian-born writer known for his essays on philosophy and culture and his emphasis on despair, emptiness and death, died on Tuesday in the Broca Hospital in Paris. He was 84 and had lived in Paris since 1937. Mr. Cioran (pronounced TCHAW-rahn) has been widely… Continue lendo Memorial: E. M. Cioran, 84, Novelist And Philosopher of Despair – Eric PACE