“Anticlericalism and Atheism” – Richard RORTY

Some day, intellectual historians may remark that the twentieth century was the one in which the philosophy professors began to stop asking bad questions—questions like “What really exists?” “What are the scope and limits of human knowledge?” and “How does language hook up with reality?” These questions assume that philosophy can be done ahistorically. They… Continue lendo “Anticlericalism and Atheism” – Richard RORTY

“Filosofía y futuro” – Richard RORTY

Supongan que hemos reformulado nuestro mapa del universo o nuestras instituciones políticas o la idea que tenemos acerca del sentido de nuestra vida: hemos cambiado todo esto de forma que ahora parece muy superior a lo que teníamos antes. ¿Deberíamos decir entonces que hemos logrado una visión correcta del universo, de la política o de… Continue lendo “Filosofía y futuro” – Richard RORTY

“Art & Civilization” – John DEWEY

Art is more moral than moralities. For the latter either are, or tend to become, consecrations of the status quo, reflections of custom, reënforcements of the established order. The moral prophets of humanity have always been poets even though they spoke in free verse or by parable. John Dewey, Art as Experience (1934) The implicit… Continue lendo “Art & Civilization” – John DEWEY