“Política e religião segundo o filósofo John Gray” – Eduardo WOLF; Jerônimo TEIXEIRA

Que relações existem entre o ateísmo e a vida política atual? Qual o espaço da religião na vida contemporânea? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnkQZrCcfm0 Eduardo Wolf e o escritor e jornalista Jerônimo Teixeira debateram esses e outros temas sobre obra do filósofo inglês John Gray, na Live Fronteiras do dia 14/04/2021. MAIS DE/SOBRE JOHN GRAY:

“Terror and the Western Tradition” – John GRAY

 The figure of the lonely metaphysical terrorist who blew himself up with his bomb appeared in Russia at the end of the nineteenth century … The real genesis of al-Qaeda violence has more to do with a Western tradition of individual and pessimistic revolt for an elusive ideal world than with the Koranic conception of… Continue lendo “Terror and the Western Tradition” – John GRAY

“Contra o fundamentalismo religioso e científico” – John GRAY

Os fundamentalistas religiosos vêem o poder da ciência como a principal fonte do desencanto moderno. A ciência suplantou a religião como fonte de autoridade, mas ao preço de tornar a vida humana acidental e insignificante. Se é para nossas vidas terem algum sentido, o poder da ciência tem de ser derrubado, e a fé restabelecida.… Continue lendo “Contra o fundamentalismo religioso e científico” – John GRAY

“Human Redundancy and the Cyborg Economy” – John GRAY

The pioneers of modern robotics, Norbert Wiener and John von Neumann, were both involved in the Manhattan Project which produced the atomic bomb. Wiener is recognized as having originated cybernetics, while Neumann is acknowledged to be the principal progenitor of the mathematical theory of games. They were fully aware that the sciences they were developing… Continue lendo “Human Redundancy and the Cyborg Economy” – John GRAY

“The Faith of Puppets” – John GRAY

Going far back into the ancient world, recurring in cultures widely separated in space and time, surfacing in religion, philosophy and the occult, exercising a powerful influence in modern science and politics, Gnosticism has coexisted and competed with, secreted itself within and hidden itself from many other ways of thinking. There have been Gnostic strands… Continue lendo “The Faith of Puppets” – John GRAY

“The Revelation of Philip K. Dick” – John GRAY

It would be hard to find a more striking statement of a Gnostic world-view than this: Behind the counterfeit universe lies God … It is not a man who is estranged from God; it is God who is estranged from God. He evidently willed it this way at the beginning, and has never since sought… Continue lendo “The Revelation of Philip K. Dick” – John GRAY

“The Unsaved” – John GRAY

The certitude that there is no salvation is a form of salvation, in fact it is salvation. Starting from here, one might organise our own life as well as construct a philosophy of history: the insoluble as solution, as the only way out.E. M. CIORAN 1. Saviours The Buddha promised release from something we all… Continue lendo “The Unsaved” – John GRAY

“In praise of polytheism” – John GRAY

No polytheist ever imagined that all of humankind would come to live in the same way, for polytheists took for granted that humans would always worship different gods. Only with Christianity did the belief take root that one way of life could be lived by everyone. For polytheists, religion is a matter of practice, not… Continue lendo “In praise of polytheism” – John GRAY

“Soviet Communism: a modern millenarian revolution” – John GRAY

Bolshevism as a social phenomenon is to be reckoned as a religion, not as an ordinary political movement.Bertrand Russell In the last pages of his pamphlet ‘Literature and Revolution’, published in 1923, Leon Trotsky gives a glimpse of the transformation in human life he believed was within reach. He writes not about changes in society… Continue lendo “Soviet Communism: a modern millenarian revolution” – John GRAY

“Esteja em Paz” – CHUANG TZU

Chuang-Tzu é tanto um cético quanto um místico. A dicotomia radical entre aparência e realidade, que é central no budismo, está ausente, bem como a tentativa de transcender as ilusões da existência diária. Chuang-Tzu vê a vida humana como um sonho, mas não busca despertar dele. Numa passagem famosa, ele escreve sobre sonhar que era… Continue lendo “Esteja em Paz” – CHUANG TZU