“Consciousness in Artificial Intelligence” – John Searle | Talks at Google

Curb your AI enthusiasm, Ray.John Searle Ray is Ray Kurzweil, renowned futurist and author of books on artificial intelligence, transhumanism, and the technological singularity. Kurzweil—sitting right up front—was the first person to raise their hand and ask Searle a question after his talk at Google. The philosopher's reply was just brilliant. Making a fundamental distinction… Continue lendo “Consciousness in Artificial Intelligence” – John Searle | Talks at Google


John Searle & Bryan Magee discuss Wittgenstein (1987)

Professor John Searle discusses the life and thought of Ludwig Wittgenstein in a discussion with Bryan Magee in this 1987 program. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2JVMOkoDo8 Bryan Magee and John Searle discuss the legacy of Ludwig Wittgenstein; ranging from his early work, the Tractatus, to his posthumously published, Philosophical Investigations. The two linguistic philosophies of Ludwig Wittgenstein are discussed… Continue lendo John Searle & Bryan Magee discuss Wittgenstein (1987)