“Apocalyptic Politics” – John GRAY

The religious roots of modern revolutionary movements were first systematically uncovered in Norman Cohn’s seminal study The Pursuit of the Millennium. It has often been noted that for its followers communism had many of the functions of a religion – a fact reflected in the title of a famous collection of essays by disillusioned ex-communists,… Continue lendo “Apocalyptic Politics” – John GRAY

“Spiritual Titanism: Indian, Chinese, and Western Perspectives” – Nicholas F. GIER

PREFACE What matters most for India is not so much the salvation of the personality as the acquisition of absolute freedom.—Mircea Eliade In the millennium to come we are meant to become Gods on other planets. This is the great potential of our Divinity.—Gopi Krishna The whole ascetic tradition . . . springs from that… Continue lendo “Spiritual Titanism: Indian, Chinese, and Western Perspectives” – Nicholas F. GIER

Existentialism, Gnosticism, Nihilism: Culianu on Cioran

Existentialism We will not insist on analyzing the relations between existentialism and Gnosticism established by Hans Jonas. I have already done this elsewhere, in detail (Gnosticismo, pp. 119 sq.). Gnosticism and existentialism resemble the phenomenology of the being-in-the-world, which is "pro-iectation" (Geworfenheit), abandonment, forgetfulness, inauthenticity. But while this condition forms, for the Gnostic, only the… Continue lendo Existentialism, Gnosticism, Nihilism: Culianu on Cioran