“Gnosticism & Modern Nihilism” – Ioan P. CULIANU

Wo keine Göter sind, walten Gespenster.-- NOVALIS 1. The Birth of Nihilism The intention here is not to summarize the debate surrounding nihilism, a concept that appeared in 1799 and continues to be a very live option. I It will suffice to sketch in a few lines the essence of this "uncanny guest" (Nietzsche) who… Continue lendo “Gnosticism & Modern Nihilism” – Ioan P. CULIANU

“Annihilation, or the Anti-Nature” – Rodrigo MENEZES

Revista Saeculum, Universitatea "Lucian Blaga", Sibiu, anul XVII (XIX), no. 1/45 (2018), p. 51-70. [PDF] Abstract: This paper undertakes a philosophical analysis of the original motion picture “Annihilation” (2018) in light of Clément Rosset’s tragic philosophy, namely his 1973 book, L’anti-nature. It is all at once an homage to the philosopher who passed away just… Continue lendo “Annihilation, or the Anti-Nature” – Rodrigo MENEZES