“Transcender Deus de Eckhart a Silesius” (Paulo Borges)

Philosophica, 34, Lisboa, 2009, pp. 439-457. Transcender Deus, transcender o transcendente, como supremo cumprimento da mais perfeita vida religiosa? Pretendemos compreender o sentido desta proposta em dois dos autores que mais explicitamente a formularam – Mestre Eckhart e Angelus Silesius – e ponderar como ela, ao desvelar uma instância não só a-teológica, mas também a-teia,… Continue lendo “Transcender Deus de Eckhart a Silesius” (Paulo Borges)

“Dominants of Cioranian thinking” (Vasile Chira)

Blogul lui VASILE CHIRA, Februarie 15, 2012 I. Dominants grounded in the structure of transcendence 1. Sanctity and mystical ecstasy Cioran’s obsession about sanctity goes back to the inner biography of the thinker, rather than to the factual one. Having an indisputable weakness for the voluptuousness of ecstasy, he also maintains a queer duplicity towards… Continue lendo “Dominants of Cioranian thinking” (Vasile Chira)

“Bach, Mozart and Beethoven’s music – philosophy lived in Cioran’s view” (Mădălina Dana Rucsanda)

Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Braşov, series VIII: Performing Arts • Vol. 8 (57) No. 2 - 2015 Abstract: Cioran is not a musicologist and not even an esthetic. His considerations and his preferences in music in some ways doubtful and even contradictory, are the resonance of the sound art, in a hungry soul… Continue lendo “Bach, Mozart and Beethoven’s music – philosophy lived in Cioran’s view” (Mădălina Dana Rucsanda)