“The Unsanctity of Human Life” – John GRAY

Genocide is as human as art or prayer. This is not because humans are a uniquely aggressive species. The rate of violent death among some monkeys exceeds that among humans – if wars are excluded from the calculation; but as E. O. Wilson observes, ‘if hamdryas baboons had nuclear weapons, they would destroy the world… Continue lendo “The Unsanctity of Human Life” – John GRAY


The Warsaw Ghetto | DW Documentary

A Polish businessman risked his life to film everyday life in the Warsaw Ghetto. These harrowing 8 mm movies were stored for decades in archives, and are shown publicly for the first time in this documentary. The original title of the film is "Warsaw: A City Divided", directed by Eric Bednarski. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8QmqHfy-EI The Warsaw Ghetto… Continue lendo The Warsaw Ghetto | DW Documentary

“Mihail Sebastian’s Journal: The Fascist Years (1935-1944)” – Radu IOANID

On 29 May 1945, as he rushed to cross a street in downtown Bucharest, thirty-eight-year-old Mihail Sebastian, a press officer at the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was hit and killed by a truck. As it happened, Sebastian was late to an appointment at Dalles Hall where he was to teach a class about Honoré… Continue lendo “Mihail Sebastian’s Journal: The Fascist Years (1935-1944)” – Radu IOANID

“Soviet Communism: a modern millenarian revolution” – John GRAY

Bolshevism as a social phenomenon is to be reckoned as a religion, not as an ordinary political movement.Bertrand Russell In the last pages of his pamphlet ‘Literature and Revolution’, published in 1923, Leon Trotsky gives a glimpse of the transformation in human life he believed was within reach. He writes not about changes in society… Continue lendo “Soviet Communism: a modern millenarian revolution” – John GRAY

Bernard-Henri Lévy vs. Aleksandr Dugin | Nexus Symposium (2019)

On 21 September 2019, the Nexus Institute — one of the most prestigious intellectual organizations keeping the spirit of European humanism alive — celebrated its 25th anniversary with a public symposium entitled ‘The Magic Mountain Revisited: Cultivating the Human Spirit in Dispirited Times’, after the founding novel of the Nexus Institute, Thomas Mann’s The Magic… Continue lendo Bernard-Henri Lévy vs. Aleksandr Dugin | Nexus Symposium (2019)

What neo-Nazis have inherited from original Nazism | DW Documentary

What resemblance do today’s ethnonationalistic ideologies bear to those which surged during the rise of the Nazis in the Weimar-era? Quite a lot, this documentary shows. Germany’s far-right neo-nazi scene is now bigger than at any time since National Socialism. History may not repeat itself, but one can still learn from it. The years of… Continue lendo What neo-Nazis have inherited from original Nazism | DW Documentary

Modern Political Religion and its Demons – John GRAY

As I have already indicated, early Christianity was an eschatological cult: Jesus and his first disciples believed that the world was destined for imminent destruction so that a new and perfect one could come into being. Eschatology does not always have this positive character – in some pagan traditions the end of the world is… Continue lendo Modern Political Religion and its Demons – John GRAY

“The Death of Utopia” – John GRAY

Modern politics is a chapter in the history of religion. The greatest of the revolutionary upheavals that have shaped so much of the history of the past two centuries were episodes in the history of faith – moments in the long dissolution of Christianity and the rise of modern political religion. The world in which… Continue lendo “The Death of Utopia” – John GRAY

Warsaw after the Second World War: The ghosts of Muranow | DW Documentary

Residents of Warsaw’s Muranow district claim they live amongst Jewish ghosts. These ghosts go wandering through the streets of the neighbourhood that, before World War II, they called home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt9_DesS1jM Before Muranow became the Warsaw Ghetto, this flourishing district was once an important cultural center for the Jewish community. German bombardment devastated the neighbourhood, burying… Continue lendo Warsaw after the Second World War: The ghosts of Muranow | DW Documentary