“Living without belief or unbelief” – John GRAY

The God of monotheism did not die, it only left the scene for a while in order to reappear as humanity – the human species dressed up as a collective agent, pursuing its self-realization in history. But, like the God of monotheism, humanity is a work of the imagination. The only observable reality is the… Continue lendo “Living without belief or unbelief” – John GRAY

“The problem of transcendence at Cioran” (Vasile Chira)

Blogul lui VASILE CHIRA, August 5, 2010 The Cioranian oeuvre bears the reputation of a completely unsystematic articulation. In spite of this character, which is mainly due to the preference Cioran has shown for the fragment and to the aphoristic form the expression of his obsessions has described – his work has yet several unifying coordinates, which… Continue lendo “The problem of transcendence at Cioran” (Vasile Chira)