Michael Flynn’s Holy War | Frontline PBS

A purified Gnosticism, then and now, is truly for a relative handful only, and perhaps is as much an aesthetic as it is a spiritual discipline. But, as the Millennium approaches, with the remote yet real possibility of a virtual Gingrichian America, we may behold a mass Gnosticism of protest rise out of a new… Continue lendo Michael Flynn’s Holy War | Frontline PBS


The Mysterious Origins of the Angel Metatron from the 3rd Book of Enoch | ESOTERICA

Metatron is probably the most powerful and mysterious Angel in Jewish lore. But what are the origins of this being known as the "Lesser Yahweh (יהוה הקתן)" ? In the 5/6th century ce Sefer Hekhalot (Book of Palaces or 3 Enoch), we go on a heavenly journey to the Throne (merkavah) of God with Rabbi… Continue lendo The Mysterious Origins of the Angel Metatron from the 3rd Book of Enoch | ESOTERICA

“Sigmund Freud’s Dream Book” – Harold BLOOM

It could be argued that The Interpretation of Dreams, published late in 1899, has been the most influential single intellectual work of the twentieth century. Unfortunately, Freud’s great book is marred by its scientism, or making a fetish out of science, yet even this flaw has not prevented its lasting triumph as an interpretive model,… Continue lendo “Sigmund Freud’s Dream Book” – Harold BLOOM

The Right’s Fight to Make America a Christian Nation | CBSN Originals

These days, in the United States, we live surrounded by a religiosity that pervades our politics, media, even our sports events. Kierkegaard fiercely insisted on the difficulty, the near impossibility of “becoming a Christian” in what purported to be a Christian society. [...] We live now, more than ever, in an America where a great… Continue lendo The Right’s Fight to Make America a Christian Nation | CBSN Originals

“Self-Reliance or Mere Gnosticism” – Harold BLOOM

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b04zs6QHuWM I am to invite men drenched in Time to recover themselves and come out of time, and taste their native immortal air.– RALPH WALDO EMERSON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLPazL-wcwM&t=4s If you seek yourself outside yourself, then you will encounter disaster, whether erotic or ideological. That must be why Ralph Waldo Emerson, in his  central  essay,  “Self-Reliance”  (1840),… Continue lendo “Self-Reliance or Mere Gnosticism” – Harold BLOOM

“Hurqalya” – Harold BLOOM

The greatest Sufi authority on the Resurrection Body was Shaikh Ahmad Ahsa’i, who died in 1826, and who developed fundamental ideas of Avicenna, the great Persian philosopher of Islam in the eleventh century. Avicenna, in his “visionary recitals,” argued for what he called “the oriental philosophy,” a Hermetic angelology that posited a middle reality between… Continue lendo “Hurqalya” – Harold BLOOM

“Self-Reliance, or Mere Gnosticism” – Harold BLOOM

Even the most spiritual of autobiographies is necessarily a song of the self. At sixty-five, I find myself uncertain just when my self was born. I cannot locate it in my earliest memories of childhood, and yet I recall its presence in certain memories of reading, particularly of the poets William Blake and Hart Crane,… Continue lendo “Self-Reliance, or Mere Gnosticism” – Harold BLOOM

“Ensaio herético sobre a atualidade da gnose” (Otávio Velho)

Horizontes Antropológicos, Porto Alegre, ano 4, n. 8, p. 34-52, jun. 1998 Resumo: O objetivo desta comunicação é sugerir o interesse para os estudiosos da religião em examinar a hipótese da atualidade da gnose (ou do gnosticismo) a partir de recentes trabalhos do escritor Harold Bloom. Ao mesmo tempo, trata de colocar as possibilidades levantadas… Continue lendo “Ensaio herético sobre a atualidade da gnose” (Otávio Velho)