“E.M. Cioran şi aporiile comunicării” – Iulian BOLDEA

The Proceedings of the International Conference “Communication, Context, Interdisciplinarity”. Section: Language and Discourse, 1, “Petru Maior” University Press, 2010, p. 138-146. [+] ABSTRACT: In our paper, suggest an interpretation of the main thematic and expressive resources of Cioran’s works, referring to his double identity relation: the Romanian origins and the insertion into universality. Integration and foreigness, identity… Continue lendo “E.M. Cioran şi aporiile comunicării” – Iulian BOLDEA


“E.M. Cioran. History and Exile” – Iulian BOLDEA

EUROPEAN ACADEMIC RESEARCH, VOL. I, ISSUE 6/ SEPTEMBER 2013 - ISSN 2286-4822 Abstract: Integration and alienation, identity and rupture, belonging to an original model and the continuous tendency of surpassing it, are some of the determinant peculiarities of Cioran’s ideation, which is legitimized by assuming an identity both originating and intentional uprooting, by transgression of… Continue lendo “E.M. Cioran. History and Exile” – Iulian BOLDEA

“Cioran’s Revenge: The Triumph of Failure” – S. C. HICKMAN

"Cioran’s work must be understood in the pervasive climate of disappointment with political utopias. In his critique of the liberal, decadent West and the totalitarian aberrations it had led to, Cioran capitalized on the experience of the century and voiced the “spirit of the age,” gaining recognition as “prophet” of the era. He snatched his… Continue lendo “Cioran’s Revenge: The Triumph of Failure” – S. C. HICKMAN