“Gândire pozitivă vs. scepticism elementar” – Marius DOBRE

Revista de filosofie, LXVI, 5, p. 649–658, Bucureşti, 2019 [PDF] Positive Thinking vs. Elementary Skepticism. There are moral, economic, political theories which claim that the age we live in is the best era in history, that the progress of humankind is authentic. Manipulative ideologies have been issued to convince people who do not notice the… Continue lendo “Gândire pozitivă vs. scepticism elementar” – Marius DOBRE


“Magic and Fatality” – CIORAN

It is hard for me to imagine the joy of people with magical sensitivity, those people who feel that everything is within their power, for whom there are no obstacles. Magical sensitivity leads only to joy; it knows nothing of the irrevocability and fatality of existence. To feel that you can do anything, that you… Continue lendo “Magic and Fatality” – CIORAN