Pro-Bolsonaro protests: Brazilian president has yet to concede election | Al Jazeera

Supporters of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro have blocked roads across the country after he lost Sunday's election. Former leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva won by a little more than 1 percent. Bolsonaro has still not publicly conceded defeat. RELATED CONTENT:

Extremists Next Door | Full Documentary

In recent years, gaming and anonymous social media sites have become breeding grounds for right-wing extremists. Populated by (mostly) young white men disenchanted with their place in society, the platforms have become spaces where hate is normalized and disaffected young people are susceptible to radicalization. CBS Reports' Adam Yamaguchi reports parents, activists and even… Continue lendo Extremists Next Door | Full Documentary

Why The Far Right Are So Weird About Sex | Decade of Hate

From the Proud Boys’ #NoWanks, to a deep-rooted hatred of feminism and women’s sexual empowerment, the far right has a weird relationship with sex. And that relationship often turns to violence against women. VICE’s Tim Hume explores how the “manosphere” has started to bleed into the broader conservative movement, and how it’s become a… Continue lendo Why The Far Right Are So Weird About Sex | Decade of Hate

“The 10 tactics of fascism” – Jason Stanley | Big Think

Fascism is a cult of the leader, who promises national restoration in the face of supposed humiliation by immigrants, leftists, liberals, minorities, homosexuals, women, in the face of what the fascist leader says is a takeover of the country's media, cultural institutions, schools by these forces. Fascist movements typically, though not invariably, rest on… Continue lendo “The 10 tactics of fascism” – Jason Stanley | Big Think

Inside Incel: Alek Minassian and online misoginy | The Fifth State documentary

It was characterized as the actions of a lone wolf — the van attack in Toronto last spring. But was it really? Alek Minassian is accused of committing one of the largest mass killings in Canadian history. Before the attack, a post appeared on Minassian's Facebook account that said "the Incel Rebellion has already begun."… Continue lendo Inside Incel: Alek Minassian and online misoginy | The Fifth State documentary