Inside The Military’s Extremism Problem | Field Notes

We speak to the VICE reporters who criss-crossed the United States covering a growing problem within the American military: far-right extremism. CONTEÚDO RELACIONADO:

Michael Flynn’s Holy War | Frontline PBS

A purified Gnosticism, then and now, is truly for a relative handful only, and perhaps is as much an aesthetic as it is a spiritual discipline. But, as the Millennium approaches, with the remote yet real possibility of a virtual Gingrichian America, we may behold a mass Gnosticism of protest rise out of a new… Continue lendo Michael Flynn’s Holy War | Frontline PBS


Extremists Next Door | Full Documentary

In recent years, gaming and anonymous social media sites have become breeding grounds for right-wing extremists. Populated by (mostly) young white men disenchanted with their place in society, the platforms have become spaces where hate is normalized and disaffected young people are susceptible to radicalization. CBS Reports' Adam Yamaguchi reports parents, activists and even… Continue lendo Extremists Next Door | Full Documentary