“Terror and the Western Tradition” – John GRAY

 The figure of the lonely metaphysical terrorist who blew himself up with his bomb appeared in Russia at the end of the nineteenth century … The real genesis of al-Qaeda violence has more to do with a Western tradition of individual and pessimistic revolt for an elusive ideal world than with the Koranic conception of… Continue lendo “Terror and the Western Tradition” – John GRAY


“Michel Foucault’s Iranian Folly” – Jeremy STANGROOM

Philosopher's Mag, 15 October 2015 Left-wing intellectuals have a long and inglorious history of failing to see the malignancy of political regimes and movements that turn out to be violently despotic. One thinks of the Webbs' enthusiasm for Stalin and the Soviet Union, which, on the part of Beatrice, extended to a defence of the show… Continue lendo “Michel Foucault’s Iranian Folly” – Jeremy STANGROOM