“I believe chatbots understand part of what they say” – Sabine HOSSENFELDER

I used to think that today's so-called "artificial intelligences" are actually pretty dumb. But I've recently changed my mind. In this video I want to explain why I think that they do understand some of what they do, if not very much. And since I was already freely speculating, I have added some thoughts about… Continue lendo “I believe chatbots understand part of what they say” – Sabine HOSSENFELDER


“Collective Stupidity: How Can We Avoid It?” – Sabine HOSSENFELDER

Sometimes we are more stupid together than we are on our own. But what makes some groups of people intelligent, and others stupid? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25kqobiv4ng When we come together in groups we can be so much more than the sum of the parts. But sometimes groups are just much more stupid. Collective stupidity is the flipside… Continue lendo “Collective Stupidity: How Can We Avoid It?” – Sabine HOSSENFELDER

“Does the past still exist?” – Sabine HOSSENFELDER

To redeem the past and to transform every ‘It was’ into an ‘I wanted it thus!’ – that alone do I call redemption! Will—that is what the liberator and bringer of joy is called: thus I have taught you, my friends! But now learn this as well: The will itself is still a prisoner. Willing… Continue lendo “Does the past still exist?” – Sabine HOSSENFELDER