Religion, Atheism, Heidegger, and the Dark Night of the Soul – Diana PASULKA

Diana Pasulka discusses Jung, Heidegger, and the recent UFO hearings. Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal (podcast). Diana Walsh Pasulka is a writer and professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religion. Topics: IntroductionDiana's journey from "atheist" ⇒ "agnostic" (with respect to… Continue lendo Religion, Atheism, Heidegger, and the Dark Night of the Soul – Diana PASULKA

Richard Dawkins exploding at bullshit in the Bible | Truth Seeker

Constant attacks of bullshit made Richard Dawkins lost his cool and created a very awkward moment in the room. One essential voice in the matter is absent from the debate though: Harold Bloom (1930-2019).

“Genealogy of Fanaticism” – CIORAN

In itself, every idea is neutral, or should be; but man animates ideas, projects his flames and flaws into them; impure, transformed into beliefs, ideas take their place in time, take shape as events: the trajectory is complete, from logic to epilepsy . . . whence the birth of ideologies, doctrines, deadly games. Idolaters by… Continue lendo “Genealogy of Fanaticism” – CIORAN

“The Believing Brain: Ghosts, God and Politics” – Michael SHERMER

Michael Shermer, Ph.D., publisher of Skeptic magazine, speaker at the Reason Rally, Washington, D.C., lectures about skepticism and conspiracy theory. This lecture comes from Shermer's class, "How to Think Like a Scientist Without Being a Geek." Shermer is a professor at Chapman University and at Claremont Graduate University. Video produced by Panther Productions.

“Como se livrar da insensatez” – John GRAY

Quer aprimorar a arte da reflexão? Em vez de procurar comprovar suas crenças, busque contestá-las. Com base nas ideias Karl Popper e Barbara Tuchman, o filósofo John Gray traz suas polêmicas e necessárias reflexões para nos ajudar na superação de nossa própria insensatez. Um lembrete sobre algo básico, mas frequentemente esquecido: sim, nós podemos estar… Continue lendo “Como se livrar da insensatez” – John GRAY

“Hume on religion” – Paul Russell & Anders Kraal

STANFORD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PHILOSOPHY, October 4, 2005 David Hume’s various writings concerning problems of religion are among the most important and influential contributions on this topic. In these writings Hume advances a systematic, sceptical critique of the philosophical foundations of various theological systems. Whatever interpretation one takes of Hume’s philosophy as a whole, it is… Continue lendo “Hume on religion” – Paul Russell & Anders Kraal

Civilized Man And The Others: An Illustrated Portrait Our determination to banish the irregular, the unexpected, and the misshapen from the human landscape verges on indecency : that certain tribesmen still choose to devour their surplus elders is doubtless deplorable, but I cannot conclude that such picturesque sybarites must be exterminated; after all, cannibalism is a model closed economy, as well as… Continue lendo Civilized Man And The Others: An Illustrated Portrait

ZHUANGZI: The Sage of Uncertainty

Perhaps I am a bit of a philosopher, inasmuch as, in favor of my ills, I have endeavored to always advance to ever higher degrees of insecurity.Cioran, letter to Fernando Savater "As for Cioran's skepticism, it is of such a parti-pris that it is hardly dramatic. What to think of a spirit that says: “Nothing… Continue lendo ZHUANGZI: The Sage of Uncertainty

How is skepticism different than cynicism? Find the answer in ancient Greece – Merrill Perlman

Columbia Journalism Review, October 15, 2018 A USA TODAY OP-ED COLUMN created a stir in recent days. No, not the one supposedly written by President Trump that was followed by a fact check showing many of the claims to be wrong. This one said that in challenging Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination by supporting his accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Democrats had… Continue lendo How is skepticism different than cynicism? Find the answer in ancient Greece – Merrill Perlman

“E.M. Cioran: a philosopher dedicated to skepticism” – Joseph COATES

Chicago Tribune, June 23, 1991 Anathemas and AdmirationsBy E.M. CioranTranslated from the French by Richard HowardArcade, 256 pages, $22.95 People who read philosophers for entertainment (probably a larger constituency than the average American publisher would estimate) want thinkers who can also write, and such readers have had hard slogging in the 20th Century. Wittgenstein`s life… Continue lendo “E.M. Cioran: a philosopher dedicated to skepticism” – Joseph COATES