“Will Artificial Intelligence End Human Creativity?” – John MAURIELLO

In view of this evidently inexorable event, the question arises, what remains of the eternal light of the soul once the artificial lights have been turned on? What remains of it after the soul has ceded a good part of its former luminosity to the more and more clever artifacts of the world, to computerized… Continue lendo “Will Artificial Intelligence End Human Creativity?” – John MAURIELLO


“Twilight of the Gods” – Peter SLOTERDIJK

What should we say to the antimodernist hysteria that has been blazing for centuries, now that it alleges that the human being would like to “become like God”? And if the answer were that, according to basic Christian doctrine, God wanted to become human, should anyone be surprised then that humans’ certainty of their distinguished… Continue lendo “Twilight of the Gods” – Peter SLOTERDIJK