“The Soul in the Machine” – John GRAY

Those who fear conscious machines do so because they think that consciousness is the most valuable feature of humans – and because they fear anything they cannot subject to their will. They fear the evolution of conscious machines for the same reason they seek to become masters of the Earth. As machines slip from human… Continue lendo “The Soul in the Machine” – John GRAY


“Politics of Consciousness” – Yuval Noah HARARI

What is consciousness? Who has consciousness? And why is it so dangerous to confuse it with intelligence? How does our understanding of consciousness impact the ethical, political and legal debates about abortion, animal rights and the legal status of AI? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rtS2OEV6bM In this video talk, Yuval Noah Harari unpacks these huge questions step by step,… Continue lendo “Politics of Consciousness” – Yuval Noah HARARI