“The Unsaved” – John GRAY

The certitude that there is no salvation is a form of salvation, in fact it is salvation. Starting from here, one might organise our own life as well as construct a philosophy of history: the insoluble as solution, as the only way out.E. M. CIORAN 1. Saviours The Buddha promised release from something we all… Continue lendo “The Unsaved” – John GRAY


“In praise of polytheism” – John GRAY

No polytheist ever imagined that all of humankind would come to live in the same way, for polytheists took for granted that humans would always worship different gods. Only with Christianity did the belief take root that one way of life could be lived by everyone. For polytheists, religion is a matter of practice, not… Continue lendo “In praise of polytheism” – John GRAY

“Schopenhauer’s crux” – John GRAY

The first and still unsurpassed critique of humanism was made by Arthur Schopenhauer. This combative bachelor, who retired to Frankfurt in 1833 for the last decades of his reclusive life because he thought the city had ‘no floods’, ‘better cafés’, ‘a skilful dentist and less bad physicians’, brought the way we think about ourselves to… Continue lendo “Schopenhauer’s crux” – John GRAY

“Cachorros de palha”: John Gray e a hipótese Gaia

O humanismo é uma religião secular montada com fragmentos deteriorados do mito cristão. Ao contrário, a hipótese Gaia — a teoria de que a Terra é um sistema auto-regulado cujo comportamento se assemelha, de certas formas, ao de um organismo — incorpora o mais rigoroso naturalismo científico. No modelo de James Lovelock para Daisyworld, um… Continue lendo “Cachorros de palha”: John Gray e a hipótese Gaia

Tao Te Ching Chillstep Mix (Read By Wayne Dyer)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5dkkmqQr7E&feature=emb_title The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao;The name that can be named is not the eternal name.The Nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth;The Named is the mother of all things.......There was something undifferentiated and yet complete,Which existed before Heaven and Earth.Soundless and formless it depends on nothing and… Continue lendo Tao Te Ching Chillstep Mix (Read By Wayne Dyer)

“Cachorros de palha: 10 anos” – Uma entrevista com John Gray

Por Cássio Leite Vieira, Ciência Hoje, vol. 50, no. 298, novembro de 2012 [PDF] Cachorros de palha, livro que comemora 10 anos de lançamento, foi – e continuará sendo – polêmico. Seu autor, o filósofo político britânico John Gray, ex-catedrático de pensamento europeu na London School of Economics, foi – e continuará sendo – tachado… Continue lendo “Cachorros de palha: 10 anos” – Uma entrevista com John Gray