Christian Nationalism on the rise | NBC News

Christian nationalism is bigotry in the name of Jesus. Christian nationalists primarily focus on internal politics, such as passing laws that reflect their view of Christianity and its role in political and social life. In countries with a state Church, Christian nationalists, in seeking to preserve the status of a Christian state, uphold an antidisestablishmentarian… Continue lendo Christian Nationalism on the rise | NBC News

Deadly superstitions – Nigeria’s “witch children” | DW Documentary

Children are being banished, raped, and even murdered. Aid organizations estimate that thousands of boys and girls are accused of being witches every year. Often, it’s their own parents who think their sons or daughters are possessed by demons. In the state of Akwa Ibom in southeastern Nigeria, it is common for children to… Continue lendo Deadly superstitions – Nigeria’s “witch children” | DW Documentary

The Truth Illusion | Al Jazeera Investigations

‘The Truth Illusion’ investigates one of the most profound questions that philosophers through the ages have tried to address. From Plato to Immanuel Kant to Gilles Deleuze, thinkers have asked: what can we prove to be the truth? The investigation examines these questions in the context of United States today. Is it possible, in such… Continue lendo The Truth Illusion | Al Jazeera Investigations

New Age Spirituality in the USA: Meet The Shamans, Gurus and Cult Leaders of America | Documentary

Is the USA undergoing a spiritual awakening, or is it falling victim to fake gurus and new age cult leaders? In an America in search of meaning, gurus, healers, shamans and other modern wizards have become the new providers of worth. Festivals, retreats and detox courses promising spiritual wellness are multiplying. We follow emerging… Continue lendo New Age Spirituality in the USA: Meet The Shamans, Gurus and Cult Leaders of America | Documentary

Richard Dawkins exploding at bullshit in the Bible | Truth Seeker

Constant attacks of bullshit made Richard Dawkins lose his cool and created a very awkward moment in the room. One essential voice in the matter is absent from the debate though: Harold Bloom (1930-2019).

Conspirituality: How Wellness Became a Gateway for Misinformation | CBSN Originals The wellness community has long embraced alternative approaches to health. But when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the combination of a quest for answers, distrust of mainstream souces, influencers co-opting conspiratorial phrases and hashtags, and social media algorithms built to keep people scrolling created a perfect storm of misinformation. A new CBSN Originals documentary, in… Continue lendo Conspirituality: How Wellness Became a Gateway for Misinformation | CBSN Originals

QAnon Conspiracies Are Tearing Through Evangelical America It’s been almost a year since we heard anything from the shadowy figure behind QAnon, yet the wild conspiracy is gaining a foothold in evangelical churches. VICE investigates how congregations across the country have become fertile ground for disinformation and conspiracy theories. ~ VICE News RELATED CONTENT:

Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio: “Dealing with Christian superstition” – Robert M. PRICE

Superstition is more than just believing in fiction. It’s a dangerous incubator for cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias, and warped perceptual filters. Most of all, superstition cuts us off from experiencing the sublime and engaging in deep introspection. We deal with Christian superstition, from the notions of eternal damnation to the idea of a personal Jesus… Continue lendo Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio: “Dealing with Christian superstition” – Robert M. PRICE