Google, Facebook, Amazon – The rise of the mega-corporations | DW Documentary

Mega-corporations like Amazon and Facebook are becoming more powerful. And their growth shows no signs of slowing down. They are in the public eye -- but are they also above the law? The pandemic has only made the "big four” -- Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook -- more influential. Our data has become big… Continue lendo Google, Facebook, Amazon – The rise of the mega-corporations | DW Documentary

In the Age of AI | FRONTLINE (documentary)

A documentary exploring how artificial intelligence is changing life as we know it — from jobs to privacy to a growing rivalry between the U.S. and China. FRONTLINE investigates the promise and perils of AI and automation, tracing a new industrial revolution that will reshape and disrupt our world, and allow the emergence of… Continue lendo In the Age of AI | FRONTLINE (documentary)

Why You Should Be Worried About Facebook’s Metaverse | VICE News On December 6, Facebook was sued for its role in facilitating the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. The Facebook Papers revealed how the company chased profits - often at the expense of safety. So can we trust Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse won't become a tool for misinformation and surveillance?