“Only burgeois suckers put hope in the future” – Alan WATTS

The world does not speak. Only we do. The world can, once we have programmed ourselves with a language, cause us to hold beliefs. But it cannot propose a language for us to speak. Only other human beings can do that. R. RORTY, Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_tG7aOe4tk There are three classes of people in… Continue lendo “Only burgeois suckers put hope in the future” – Alan WATTS


“Buddhism as dialogue” – Alan WATTS

"When two Zen Masters meet each other on the road, they need no introduction. Thieves recognise each other instantaneously." Zen proverb Dans un livre sur le bouddhisme zen de A. W. Watts, je lis ceci : « But the anxiety-laden problem of what will happen to me when I die is, after all, like asking what… Continue lendo “Buddhism as dialogue” – Alan WATTS

“Aesthetics and Mystical Vision” – Alan WATTS

In this recording from 1972, Alan Watts lectures on mystical vision via art, aesthetics, and Buddhist and Daoist philosophy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ar7pw4Gd1XM Functional Art (0:10)Creating Works of Nature (23:49)Meaning and Insanity (48:43) “You and I have all conspired with ourselves to pretend that we are not really God, but of course we are. That is perfectly obvious.… Continue lendo “Aesthetics and Mystical Vision” – Alan WATTS

Wu-wei: The Art of Letting Things Happen | Einzelgänger

Despite humanity’s technological developments and will to progress, we’re still utterly dependent on nature. Human effort has its limitations and is always in conjunction with nature. We cannot grow a plant, for example, completely isolated from natural growth, even though we can influence and manipulate it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0rhN8U14dk&t=646s The reputed author of the Tao Te Ching,… Continue lendo Wu-wei: The Art of Letting Things Happen | Einzelgänger

“The Ultimate Dream” – John GRAY

In Buddhist meditation, the adept peels away the veils of habit that shroud our senses by a practice of bare attention. Buddhists believe that by the refinement of attention we can attain insight into reality – the momentary, vanishing world that ordinary attention simplifies and makes palatable to us. In order to help us live,… Continue lendo “The Ultimate Dream” – John GRAY

ZHUANGZI: The Sage of Uncertainty

Perhaps I am a bit of a philosopher, inasmuch as, in favor of my ills, I have endeavored to always advance to ever higher degrees of insecurity.Cioran, letter to Fernando Savater "As for Cioran's skepticism, it is of such a parti-pris that it is hardly dramatic. What to think of a spirit that says: “Nothing… Continue lendo ZHUANGZI: The Sage of Uncertainty

Tao Te Ching Chillstep Mix (Read By Wayne Dyer)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5dkkmqQr7E&feature=emb_title The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao;The name that can be named is not the eternal name.The Nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth;The Named is the mother of all things.......There was something undifferentiated and yet complete,Which existed before Heaven and Earth.Soundless and formless it depends on nothing and… Continue lendo Tao Te Ching Chillstep Mix (Read By Wayne Dyer)

“Feline Philosophy by John Gray — the wisdom of cats” (Robert Armstrong)

FINANCIAL TIMES, 8 January 2021 A serious polemic that attacks the western tradition of moral thought and links the feline good life to the ethics of Spinoza and the Taoists Feline Philosophy, a slim book with a cute cover picture, might appear to be a bit of light amusement for cat lovers: a collection of… Continue lendo “Feline Philosophy by John Gray — the wisdom of cats” (Robert Armstrong)

How you can become wiser (without reading)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrLGpRnpfNA "I love reading but humanity's wisest people often say wisdom cannot be found in books. How then can you and I become kinder and wiser?", says George Thompson. Cioran thought the same way himself. When a young insomniac man, he was once reading Kierkegaard and the gardener who worked for his sister, Virginia, said… Continue lendo How you can become wiser (without reading)