Richard Dawkins exploding at bullshit in the Bible | Truth Seeker

Constant attacks of bullshit made Richard Dawkins lose his cool and created a very awkward moment in the room. One essential voice in the matter is absent from the debate though: Harold Bloom (1930-2019).

“Anticlericalism and Atheism” – Richard RORTY

Some day, intellectual historians may remark that the twentieth century was the one in which the philosophy professors began to stop asking bad questions—questions like “What really exists?” “What are the scope and limits of human knowledge?” and “How does language hook up with reality?” These questions assume that philosophy can be done ahistorically. They… Continue lendo “Anticlericalism and Atheism” – Richard RORTY


“A ética e a finalidade da existência” – John GRAY

John Gray, filósofo britânico, reflete sobre a relação entre viver eticamente e a crença em um grande propósito. Gray traz a filosofia oriental e correntes de pensamento como os céticos e os estoicos para lembrar como, mesmo certos da ignorância frente aos porquês da vida, é possível vivê-la de forma justa e sábia. Conferencista do… Continue lendo “A ética e a finalidade da existência” – John GRAY

Creating Sickness: to those recovering from religion (TheraminTrees) This video is dedicated to those recovering from religion. Opening quote: Oh wearisome Condition of Humanity! Born under one law, to another bound: Vainly begot and yet forbidden vanity, Created sick, commanded to be sound: What meaneth Nature by these diverse laws? Passion and reason, self-division cause. Is it the mark, or Majesty of… Continue lendo Creating Sickness: to those recovering from religion (TheraminTrees)