“Types of Incels and Pickup Artists” – Todd GRANDE

This video answers the questions: What are the types of incels? What is a pickup artist? What is the relationship between incels and pickup artists? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p_ouxUapvc Donnelly, D., Burgess, E., Anderson, S., Davis, R., & Dillard, J. (2001). Involuntary Celibacy: A Life Course Analysis. Journal of Sex Research, 38(2), 159–169. https://doi-org.mylibrary.wilmu.edu/1… Richter, G., & Richter,… Continue lendo “Types of Incels and Pickup Artists” – Todd GRANDE


“Is Tony Robbins a Fraud?” – Dr. Todd GRANDE

This video attempts to answer the questions: Is Tony Robbins of fraud? Did Tony Robbins go too far in giving mental health advice? Does Tony Robbins believe that emotional abuse isn’t real? Tony Robbins is an extremely popular life coach who gives advice on a wide range of subjects including finance, physical fitness, mental health,… Continue lendo “Is Tony Robbins a Fraud?” – Dr. Todd GRANDE