“Cioran’s clinamen”: a female Muslim reading – interview with Daria LEBEDEVA

Daria Lebedeva was born in the city of Odessa, Ukraine, and presently lives in Sweden. She obtained a PhD in Philosophy from the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, under the supervision of Agata Bielik-Robson, with a thesis about Cioran’s clinamen: a case study of a philosophical influence (2012). It’s… Continue lendo “Cioran’s clinamen”: a female Muslim reading – interview with Daria LEBEDEVA


“Blaga-Cioran: incursiuni în marginea fiinţei” – Mihaela-Oana GOGOŞEANU

Caietele Lucian Blaga / Lucian Blaga Yearbook – Volumul XXII (1-2) Abstract: The following paper focuses on what lies between transcendence and reality, between self and nonself, between bounded and infinite, it focuses on that included third which contradicts Aristotelian logic and which is represented by the margin itself, by the boundary between these concepts,… Continue lendo “Blaga-Cioran: incursiuni în marginea fiinţei” – Mihaela-Oana GOGOŞEANU

“Cioran: Existentialism, Gnosticism, Nihilism” – Ioan P. CULIANU

Existentialism We will not insist on analyzing the relations between existentialism and Gnosticism established by Hans Jonas. I have already done this elsewhere, in detail (Gnosticismo, pp. 119 sq.). Gnosticism and existentialism resemble the phenomenology of the being-in-the-world, which is "pro-iectation" (Geworfenheit), abandonment, forgetfulness, inauthenticity. But while this condition forms, for the Gnostic, only the… Continue lendo “Cioran: Existentialism, Gnosticism, Nihilism” – Ioan P. CULIANU

“Gnosticism & Modern Nihilism” – Ioan P. CULIANU

Wo keine Göter sind, walten Gespenster.-- NOVALIS 1. The Birth of Nihilism The intention here is not to summarize the debate surrounding nihilism, a concept that appeared in 1799 and continues to be a very live option. I It will suffice to sketch in a few lines the essence of this "uncanny guest" (Nietzsche) who… Continue lendo “Gnosticism & Modern Nihilism” – Ioan P. CULIANU

“Dominants of Cioranian thinking” (Vasile Chira)

Blogul lui VASILE CHIRA, Februarie 15, 2012 I. Dominants grounded in the structure of transcendence 1. Sanctity and mystical ecstasy Cioran’s obsession about sanctity goes back to the inner biography of the thinker, rather than to the factual one. Having an indisputable weakness for the voluptuousness of ecstasy, he also maintains a queer duplicity towards… Continue lendo “Dominants of Cioranian thinking” (Vasile Chira)

“The problem of transcendence at Cioran” (Vasile Chira)

Blogul lui VASILE CHIRA, August 5, 2010 The Cioranian oeuvre bears the reputation of a completely unsystematic articulation. In spite of this character, which is mainly due to the preference Cioran has shown for the fragment and to the aphoristic form the expression of his obsessions has described – his work has yet several unifying coordinates, which… Continue lendo “The problem of transcendence at Cioran” (Vasile Chira)