“Contra a História: a Odisseia gnóstica de Cioran” – Rodrigo MENEZES

Se tudo o que se concebeu e empreendeu desde Adão é ou suspeito ou perigoso ou inútil, que fazer? Dessolidarizar-se da espécie? Seria esquecer que nunca se é tão humano como quando se lamenta sê-lo. CIORAN, La Chute dans le temps (1964) Seriez-vous réac ? — Si vous voulez, mais dans le sens où Dieu… Continue lendo “Contra a História: a Odisseia gnóstica de Cioran” – Rodrigo MENEZES


The Trickster “Archetype”: The Truth about Your Shadow | Jung To Live By

Jung To Live By is the internet "persona" of the Institute for Psycho-Systems Analysis™, presenting videos and podcasts on Depth Psychology for self-development and clinical purposes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKJJuQ8Esag Presented by Steve & Pauline Richards, and James & Yuliya Dowling. RELATED CONTENT:

The Psychology of the Trickster | Eternalised

There is perhaps no figure in literature more fascinating than the trickster, appearing in various forms in the folklore of many cultures. Trickster is witty and deceitful. He is the timeless root of all the picaresque creations of world literature, and is not reducible to one single literary entity. Trickster tales have existed since ancient… Continue lendo The Psychology of the Trickster | Eternalised

“Trickster” – Paul RADIN

Few myths have so wide a distribution as the one, known by the name of the Trickster, which we are presenting here. For few can we so confidently assert that they belong to the oldest expressions of mankind. Few other myths have persisted with their fundamental content unchanged. The Trickster myth is found in clearly… Continue lendo “Trickster” – Paul RADIN