Brazil’s MAGA Inspired Pro-Bolsonaro Riots | Vice News On Jan. 8, Pro-Bolsonaro rioters invaded Brazil's presidential palace in a flattering imitation of MAGA's Jan. 6 insurrection. Many uncanny resemblances between the events raised questions about just how global Trump's election-denying utopia has grown. RELATED CONTENT:


Brazil elections: the enduring threat of Bolsonaro | The Economist

President Jair Bolsonaro, the Trump of the Tropics, has undermined democracy, drummed up division and inspired cult-like devotion from his followers. Whether he is re-elected or not, the right-wing populist movement he has unleashed is unlikely to go away. The appeal of Bolsonaro Bolsonaro’s power in Congress Bolsonaro and the gun lobby Bolsonaro’s impact… Continue lendo Brazil elections: the enduring threat of Bolsonaro | The Economist