“What is Truth? Classical Theories of Truth” – Huw PRICE

Professor Huw Price gives an introductory overview of the main classical conceptions of the nature of truth and some of the general advantages and problems that arise for each type of view. This comes from a 2006 lecture on the nature of truth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RV2dThRb4PA This was from a talk on Truth given by Huw Price… Continue lendo “What is Truth? Classical Theories of Truth” – Huw PRICE


The Truth Illusion | Al Jazeera Investigations

‘The Truth Illusion’ investigates one of the most profound questions that philosophers through the ages have tried to address. From Plato to Immanuel Kant to Gilles Deleuze, thinkers have asked: what can we prove to be the truth? The investigation examines these questions in the context of United States today. Is it possible, in such… Continue lendo The Truth Illusion | Al Jazeera Investigations