Anti-Vaxers Are Starting Communes in Mexico | Vice News

Pandemic restrictions are loosening in much of the world. But that’s not stopping anti-vaxers from uprooting their lives and relocating to a land of milk, honey, and zero travel restrictions for foreigners to enter: Mexico. Joining anarchist cells and eco-villages when they arrive, these Canadians and Europeans are building networks which they say will… Continue lendo Anti-Vaxers Are Starting Communes in Mexico | Vice News


“A ética e a finalidade da existência” – John GRAY

John Gray, filósofo britânico, reflete sobre a relação entre viver eticamente e a crença em um grande propósito. Gray traz a filosofia oriental e correntes de pensamento como os céticos e os estoicos para lembrar como, mesmo certos da ignorância frente aos porquês da vida, é possível vivê-la de forma justa e sábia. Conferencista do… Continue lendo “A ética e a finalidade da existência” – John GRAY

“Progress, the moth-eaten musical brocade” – John GRAY

A great American poet, John Ashbery, wrote that tomorrow is easy, but today is uncharted. He put his finger on our real weakness. It is not our ignorance of the future which is incurable. It is our failure to understand the present. Our view of the present time is overlaid with after-images from the recent… Continue lendo “Progress, the moth-eaten musical brocade” – John GRAY