How you can become wiser (without reading) "I love reading but humanity's wisest people often say wisdom cannot be found in books. How then can you and I become kinder and wiser?", says George Thompson. Cioran thought the same way himself. When a young insomniac man, he was once reading Kierkegaard and the gardener who worked for his sister, Virginia, said… Continue lendo How you can become wiser (without reading)


“The snares of wisdom” (E. M. Cioran)

The Hudson Review, vol. 19, No. 4 (Winter, 1966-1967), pp. 539-550 Translated from French by Frederick Brown. Once we realize to what depth appearances are credited by the normal consciousness, it becomes impossible to endorse the Vedantic thesis according to which "non-distinction is the soul's natural state." What is meant here by natural state is the… Continue lendo “The snares of wisdom” (E. M. Cioran)