Is artificial intelligence out of control? | Al Jazeera

Artificial intelligence is becoming “like electricity”— it’s being used in almost every sector. But what exactly is it? And why are many governments trying to work out how to regulate it? #AJStartHere with Sandra Gathmann explains. RELATED CONTENT:

The Truth Illusion | Al Jazeera Investigations

‘The Truth Illusion’ investigates one of the most profound questions that philosophers through the ages have tried to address. From Plato to Immanuel Kant to Gilles Deleuze, thinkers have asked: what can we prove to be the truth? The investigation examines these questions in the context of United States today. Is it possible, in such… Continue lendo The Truth Illusion | Al Jazeera Investigations

Nayib Bukele: The World’s Coolest Dictator | Vice on Showtime

El Salvador's president, Nayib Bukele, owes his popularity to a decline in gang violence. But true to Bukele's persona, the achievement appears to be all public relations. David Noriega travels to El Salvador to find the truth behind the supposed achievements of its millennial president. Related: Can gang warfare in El Salvador ever… Continue lendo Nayib Bukele: The World’s Coolest Dictator | Vice on Showtime

“Can NATO avoid direct confrontation with Russia?” – Mircea GEOANĂ

Mircea Geoană is NATO's Deputy Secretary General. NATO, the military alliance of Western countries, does not include Ukraine but is heavily involved in the current conflict as it supports the country in the face of Russia's invasion. In the first half of this episode, host Steve Clemons talks with NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea… Continue lendo “Can NATO avoid direct confrontation with Russia?” – Mircea GEOANĂ

Why is Ukrainian and Palestinian resistance treated differently? | Al Jazeera

As Russian troops continue their assault on Ukraine, Western governments have progressively tightened sanctions against Russian political leaders, billionaires and businesses, while publicly supporting Ukrainian popular resistance and opening their borders to refugees. Newspapers and TV channels have led with stories of Ukrainian resilience against dire odds, and Ukraine’s president recently addressed a US music awards… Continue lendo Why is Ukrainian and Palestinian resistance treated differently? | Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera Investigations – Generation Hate Em uma investigação em duas partes, a Unidade de Investigação da Al Jazeera se disfarça para expor a extrema-direita da França e revela ligações secretas entre extremistas violentos e um dos maiores partidos políticos da França. Marine Le Pen recentemente mudou o nome da Frente Nacional como parte dos esforços para reformar a imagem… Continue lendo Al Jazeera Investigations – Generation Hate

O Segredo Obscuro do Canadá | Al Jazeera documentary

Em 1996, a última escola residencial no Canadá foi fechada, trazendo à luz histórias horripilantes sobre os métodos usados ​​para separar as crianças indígenas da influência de suas famílias e assimilá-las na cultura "canadense" dominante. Durante mais de um século, dezenas de milhares de famílias foram separadas quando crianças foram sequestradas ou forçadas a sair… Continue lendo O Segredo Obscuro do Canadá | Al Jazeera documentary