The Trickster “Archetype”: The Truth about Your Shadow | Jung To Live By

Jung To Live By is the internet "persona" of the Institute for Psycho-Systems Analysis™, presenting videos and podcasts on Depth Psychology for self-development and clinical purposes. Presented by Steve & Pauline Richards, and James & Yuliya Dowling. RELATED CONTENT:

Manipulating our emotions | DW Documentary

Advertising agencies, politicians and social networks rely on emotions as a means of manipulation. They use our feelings to try to influence our decisions. Can we be manipulated without even noticing it? Can our attention and thoughts be directed from outside? Increasingly, it appears that there are mechanisms for playing on emotions to sway… Continue lendo Manipulating our emotions | DW Documentary

Mulla Sadra & Islamic Existentialism – Filip HOLM | Let’s Talk Religion

This has been one of the most requested videos on the channel since its inception, so it is finally time to talk about Mulla Sadra. Music by Filip Holm Sources/Recommended Reading: Adamson, Peter (ed.) (2005). “The Cambridge Companion to Arabic Philosophy”. Cambridge University Press. Chittick, William (1998). "The Self-Disclosure of God: Principles of Ibn… Continue lendo Mulla Sadra & Islamic Existentialism – Filip HOLM | Let’s Talk Religion

Himalaya, land of women | SLICE documentary

At an altitude of nearly 4,000 meters, Sking is one of the most isolated villages in the Himalayan region of Zanskar. In just three months, from August to October, the Zanskaris have to harvest and store all their food for the coming year. All the women-young and old alike-work nonstop, from dawn to dusk, and… Continue lendo Himalaya, land of women | SLICE documentary

America’s Authoritarians: The US political divide – Part 1 | People and Power

With guns in their hands and faith in God at their side, many Republicans in the United States continue to believe that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump. As a result, the country remains deeply divided over the last contest for the White House - and the violent attempts at the Capitol that followed to overturn the result.… Continue lendo America’s Authoritarians: The US political divide – Part 1 | People and Power

Using Fear to Reshape America | Breaking The Vote

In this episode of Breaking the Vote we hear the threats election officials have received following the 2020 election. Plus, how fear is being manufactured for political gain and we speak to one lawmaker who successfully fought back against false attacks. RELATED CONTENT:

Why Hate Is Fuelling Politics | The Economist

Hate is fuelling politics in America and Britain, as arguments over racial justice, transgender rights and other issues become more polarised. These tribal "culture wars” spell bad news for democracy. Film supported by @Mishcon de Reya LLP Are we becoming more divided? Critical race theory What are culture wars? Transgender rights The effects of… Continue lendo Why Hate Is Fuelling Politics | The Economist

Honest Government Ad | Visit Brazil 🇧🇷

The Brazilian Government has made a tourism ad ahead of the coming election, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative. 🇧🇷✨ Guest co-writing & voiceover by Sabrina Fernandes👉 Tese Onze: 👉 Ways you can support us to keep making videos:🔹 Become a Patron:🔹 Tip us on PayPal: 👉 CREDITS🔹 Produced by Patrons… Continue lendo Honest Government Ad | Visit Brazil 🇧🇷

Bolsonaro e o ataque à democracia – Steven LEVISTKY

Programa Roda Viva, TV Cultura, 19 de setembro de 2022 O Roda Viva desta semana discute as ameaças à democracia brasileira com o cientista político Steven Levitsky. Professor em Harvard, nos Estados Unidos, Levitsky é referência em estudos sobre a América Latina e um dos autores do best-seller Como as Democracias Morrem. Para Steven Levitsky,… Continue lendo Bolsonaro e o ataque à democracia – Steven LEVISTKY

This Lifestyle Influencer Lost Her Accounts Because of QAnon | Vice News

QAnon has spread from the dark corners of the internet to the mainstream, in part thanks to social media influencers. VICE News meets a lifestyle influencer who says her mission is to stop child trafficking, but who has been removed from numerous social media platforms in their crackdowns on QAnon content. RELATED CONTENT: