Soviet Jewish History (Essential Lectures in Jewish History) – Dr. Henry ABRAMSON

Brief overview of Soviet Jewish History. Henry Abramson (born 1963) is the dean of the Lander College of Arts and Sciences in Flatbush, New York. Before that, he served as the Dean for Academic Affairs and Student Services at Touro College's Miami branch (Touro College South). He is notable for his teachings on Jewish… Continue lendo Soviet Jewish History (Essential Lectures in Jewish History) – Dr. Henry ABRAMSON

“Mihail Sebastian’s Journal: The Fascist Years (1935-1944)” – Radu IOANID

On 29 May 1945, as he rushed to cross a street in downtown Bucharest, thirty-eight-year-old Mihail Sebastian, a press officer at the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was hit and killed by a truck. As it happened, Sebastian was late to an appointment at Dalles Hall where he was to teach a class about Honoré… Continue lendo “Mihail Sebastian’s Journal: The Fascist Years (1935-1944)” – Radu IOANID

The Exodus Of Soviet Jews Fleeing Persecution And Anti-Semitism | Our Life

This documentary looks at the plight of Russian Jews attempting to emigrate to America, who are denied visas and find themselves stranded in Italy without money or accommodation. This film was first broadcast: 05 Dec 1989

“The Jewish-Sufi Mystics of Medieval Egypt” – Filip HOLM | Let’s Talk Religion

As part of a three-part collaboration with Esoterica & Seekers of Unity, this episode explores the life, teachings and movement of Abraham Maimonides, the son of the much more famous Jewish philosopher Moses Maimonides (d. 1204). Sources/Suggested Reading: Idel, Moshe (1987). The Mystical Experience in Abraham Abulafia. State University of New York Press Kraemer,… Continue lendo “The Jewish-Sufi Mystics of Medieval Egypt” – Filip HOLM | Let’s Talk Religion

Germany’s Neo-Nazis & the Far Right | FRONTLINE Documentary

Decades after the Holocaust, FRONTLINE investigates the resurgence of far-right extremism and violence in Germany — and what authorities are doing to confront the growing problem. From producer, director and correspondent Evan Williams, who has been covering the far right in Europe for almost a decade, “Germany’s Neo-Nazis & the Far Right” looks at… Continue lendo Germany’s Neo-Nazis & the Far Right | FRONTLINE Documentary

“The origin of Satan (introduction)” – Elaine PAGELS

In 1988, when my husband of twenty years died in a hiking accident, I became aware that, like many people who grieve, I was living in the presence of an invisible being—living, that is, with a vivid sense of someone who had died. During the following years I began to reflect on the ways that… Continue lendo “The origin of Satan (introduction)” – Elaine PAGELS

Bernard-Henri Lévy vs. Aleksandr Dugin | Nexus Symposium (2019)

On 21 September 2019, the Nexus Institute — one of the most prestigious intellectual organizations keeping the spirit of European humanism alive — celebrated its 25th anniversary with a public symposium entitled ‘The Magic Mountain Revisited: Cultivating the Human Spirit in Dispirited Times’, after the founding novel of the Nexus Institute, Thomas Mann’s The Magic… Continue lendo Bernard-Henri Lévy vs. Aleksandr Dugin | Nexus Symposium (2019)

Warsaw after the Second World War: The ghosts of Muranow | DW Documentary

Residents of Warsaw’s Muranow district claim they live amongst Jewish ghosts. These ghosts go wandering through the streets of the neighbourhood that, before World War II, they called home. Before Muranow became the Warsaw Ghetto, this flourishing district was once an important cultural center for the Jewish community. German bombardment devastated the neighbourhood, burying… Continue lendo Warsaw after the Second World War: The ghosts of Muranow | DW Documentary

“Jacob’s struggle with the angel” – Alec WILKINSON

THE NEW YORKER, June 15, 2015 The passage that recurs in my life is that of Jacob wrestling the angel. For many artists, it is a metaphor for the struggle to subdue one’s talent so that it collaborates with one’s ambitions to create.  I cannot separate the Bible from my father. In the middle of… Continue lendo “Jacob’s struggle with the angel” – Alec WILKINSON

“Cioran and the Jews redux” – Benjamin IVRY

FORWARD - February 22, 2012 As the centenary of the Romanian-born French writer Emil Cioran winds down, further attention honors the author who died in 1995, including “All Gall is Divided: The Aphorisms of E. M. Cioran” translated by Richard Howard, due out in March from Arcade Publishing, and a hefty collected works of over… Continue lendo “Cioran and the Jews redux” – Benjamin IVRY