Is AI the future of humanity? – Artificial intelligence and its limitations | DW Documentary

Artificial intelligence is often portrayed as the future of humanity. But is the logic of algorithms really infallible? Today, even programmers warn against overestimating AI. After all, artificial intelligence presents us with opportunities, but it also comes with risks. Since the beginning of the 2000s, the term "artificial intelligence" - or "AI" for short… Continue lendo Is AI the future of humanity? – Artificial intelligence and its limitations | DW Documentary


Abuse scandals in the Catholic church | DW Documentary

All over the world, an increasing number of nuns are coming forward with reports that they have been sexually abused by male clerics. The documentary film provides insights into a deeply disturbing - and barely addressed -- problem within the Catholic church. The Catholic church has been blighted by sexual abuse scandals for decades.… Continue lendo Abuse scandals in the Catholic church | DW Documentary

Bosnia’s invisible children: living in dignity | DW documentary

During the war in Yugoslavia, thousands of Bosnian women were raped and many became pregnant as a result. But their children are even now not recognized as war victims. The NGO "Forgotten Children of War" aims to change that. In Bosnia-Herzegovina, they are known as "Nevidljiva djeca"- "invisible children." Their mothers were raped, by… Continue lendo Bosnia’s invisible children: living in dignity | DW documentary

Buddha in Africa | DW documentary

Less Christian death cults and more Buddhist spirituality would be very good for the African continent. An orphaned African boy grows up in a Buddhist boarding school in Malawi. He is torn between his East African culture and the teachings of the Far East. This film tells a story of hope and doubt. In… Continue lendo Buddha in Africa | DW documentary

Abuse in the Catholic Church | DW Documentary

You hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye. Matthew 7:3-5 Catholics should pay attention to their church, which turns out to be a pedophile ring, instead of pointing fingers at the Dalai Lamai (who is a creepy old man, a child… Continue lendo Abuse in the Catholic Church | DW Documentary

Seremos substituídos por robôs? | Camarote.21 Arte x máquina: o Camarote.21 desta semana explora o universo da inteligência artificial. Será que um robô pode ser considerado um artista? Quais os limites e essência da criatividade? CONTEÚDO RELACIONADO:

Are we getting dumber and dumber? | DW documentary

For a long time, mankind was getting smarter and smarter. In fact, our progress seemed unstoppable. Intelligence research actually confirmed this. But a few years ago, IQ scores stagnated. What could be the reason for this? In 1984, the political scientist James Flynn, who lives in New Zealand, discovered that the intelligence values measured… Continue lendo Are we getting dumber and dumber? | DW documentary

Growing up in Mongolia | DW Documentary

Mongolia of my heart. The country I dream of: Outer Mongolia – where there are more horses than men (and where children learn to ride before they can walk). CIORAN, Notebooks: 1957-1972 Otgo is the youngest child of a nomadic family in the Gobi desert. They make their living breeding cattle. Otgo loves their life,… Continue lendo Growing up in Mongolia | DW Documentary

Deadly superstitions – Nigeria’s “witch children” | DW Documentary

Children are being banished, raped, and even murdered. Aid organizations estimate that thousands of boys and girls are accused of being witches every year. Often, it’s their own parents who think their sons or daughters are possessed by demons. In the state of Akwa Ibom in southeastern Nigeria, it is common for children to… Continue lendo Deadly superstitions – Nigeria’s “witch children” | DW Documentary

La música en la Alemania nazi – El maestro y el chelista de Auschwitz | DW Documental

¿Por qué la música clásica era tan importante para Hitler y Goebbels? Las historias de la violonchelista judía Anita Lasker-Wallfisch y del director de orquesta Wilhelm Furtwängler, permiten conocer la escena musical de Alemania entre 1933 y 1945. Los protagonistas de este documental son dos personajes, que representaron la cultura musical bajo el nazismo… Continue lendo La música en la Alemania nazi – El maestro y el chelista de Auschwitz | DW Documental