Warsaw after the Second World War: The ghosts of Muranow | DW Documentary

Residents of Warsaw’s Muranow district claim they live amongst Jewish ghosts. These ghosts go wandering through the streets of the neighbourhood that, before World War II, they called home.

Before Muranow became the Warsaw Ghetto, this flourishing district was once an important cultural center for the Jewish community. German bombardment devastated the neighbourhood, burying thousands of its former residents in rubble. Neither the bodies, nor the buildings, were ever removed. Instead they simply served as the foundation upon which the “new” Muranow could be built.

Though the street names may have remained the same, Muranov could not be more different from its former self. Today, its lush appearance and wide-open spaces stand in sharp contrast to its unfathomably tragic history, lingering just below the surface. Maybe this is why ghosts traipse the streets at night, wandering through a neighbourhood that once belonged to them. Some of the local residents claim to have even met a few of these ghosts. Others have a less supernatural interpretation. They believe that the ghosts are a metaphor for the life, culture and memories buried just beneath them.

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